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of Western Extreme on Outdoor Channel.

Immerse yourself in the authentic essence of Africa

But this isn't just any safari – this is a chance to hunt alongside none other than Jim Burnworth himself. Jim has created 7 camps in Africa with over 30 species to hunt.

Jim Burnworth Safaris

Jim here, ready to dive into the heart of our Safari experience! Let me guide you through the workings of our packages, using our $8,000 package as a shining example. The daily rate for a 10-day Safari stands at $3,000.

Our commitment to affordability extends beyond the basics. Should the base package fall short of your hunting dreams, we can easily customize your experience by adding a majestic Buffalo, a graceful Sable, or even going for the Springbok Slam. My team and I are here, ready to work closely with you to transform your Safari dreams into reality. May we get to share a camp together soon!


A comprehensive list of items you might need for your trip.


What expenses should I anticipate at Jim Burnworth Safaris?


A summary of the animal species found in and around Jim Safaris.


A list of the lodges and camps available in Jim Burnworth Safaris.

Jim Burnworth Safaris Gallery

Whether you're a novice or an experienced archer, Jim will be there to help you grow and improve. 

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